What’s not to ‘like’ about Social Media? - the communicators
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What’s not to ‘like’ about Social Media?

If you’re looking to boost responses and are short of time and tight on budget, running paid-for social media campaigns should be considered as a solution. You can send personalised messages using countless variants, tweak them and tweak them until you’ve hit on just the right content and targeting methods for the relevant audiences. It could be used for promoting an Open Day, a tour, a new course, a new prospectus… Brainstorm the messages, schedule the paid-for social media posts, and carefully track the outcomes.

You can do-it-yourself or you can talk to an agency like us. At the very least we can design the ad, recommend the targeting approach, set the cost, develop KPIs and press submit – be that on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Then we’d report back. To take it one stage further we can review your presence on social media as a whole and make further recommendations. Hey, we could put together a 12-month digital strategy that will maximise your ROI. As little or as much as you want. Worth a chat?

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