Motorexpo International Motor Show - the communicators
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Motorexpo International Motor Show

An international drive

The Motorexpo, a free-to-visit car show event that launched in Canary Wharf, London in 1996, went on to successfully expand into New York and Toronto. In all three cases the car shows were set in commercial districts imaginatively staged inside and outside high-end shopping centres. Working with the mastermind of this innovative event from day one, we created the brand, the tone of voice, magazines, directories, advertising, outdoor advertising, as well as the social media activity provision.

Our team liaised with the dealerships in all three countries to secure the assets needed and in conjunction with the shopping centre marketing departments, produced the artwork, whilst overseeing the print with international suppliers.

Thousands of quality leads were established directly with dealerships, manufacturers enjoyed the kudos it brought their brands, national and specialist press and TV picked up the story each year and the restaurants, bars and retail outlets enjoyed the uplift the annual event facilitated. 2015 marked the last year of these popular shows… until the next time.